Monday, June 11, 2007

First Day of Summer "Vacation"

Today is the first true day of summer "vacation". Here is our schedule for today. As you can see , a ton of relaxing is going on.

9:00 (in about 8 minutes): Wake the kids up, get them dressed and fed and encourage them to get one page in their workbooks done as well as make beds.

10:00-11:00: Tennis lessons for toothsomes #1 and 2

11:10-12:00: Swimming lessons for toothsomes #1-3

12:00-1:00: Drop some important paperwork at dentist husbands office that I forgot to give him when he left for work this morning. Fit in lunch somewhere in here.

2:00: Take toothsome #1 to a scouting pool party. (BTW: He doesn't want to go but I am making him)

4:00: Pick up toothsome #1 from pool party and leave to go take toothsome #2 to a dance recital practice.

4:30-6:30: Dance recital practice.

6:45: Home, make dinner, have family home evening and hopefully have everyone in bed by 9:00pm.

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love.boxes said...

We had several of those things on our schedule today too. Maybe it's not that relaxing, but I sure am happy to be hanging out with my kiddo a bit more... even as her chauffer. :)