Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Memory--Puzzles

Every December, usually just as we were getting out of school for Christmas Break, my mom would get out our card table and 500 piece puzzle. She set it up in a relatively central part of the house and it would sit there until one or more of us were drawn to work on it.

It was a great activity to fill the empty and cold days of winter break. Through out the holiday season, we would all end up working on it--sometimes alone and sometimes together. My mom loves puzzles with multi-colored flowers and I remember hearing people say with great satisfaction, "Oh, I just finished the whole yellow section" or, "I finally found the last piece for that pine tree!"

My kids are too young to really do that type of puzzle yet, but I am looking forward to continuing that tradition in a few years.


Gabriela said...

I like puzzles (kind-of, until they drive me nuts) too; when my kids are older, I think I will try this out. :)

di said...

that is one off my favorites as well. my oldest is soooo into puzzles. we spend lots of time together doing them. thanks for the reminder!

michelle said...

That sounds so fun! I have been trying to think of things to do during the break. I think we will definitely try that one!

kel said...

that's a Brooks tradition too. i'm a fan.