Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Books I Have Been Reading

I just finished reading this book for our monthly book club. It was a good, full of information read but at times, it ran really long. I was very impressed with the Martha Washington and as I always am when I read books about the past, impressed by the fortitude people had in times of opposition, death, and trial. Woman lost husbands and children REGULARLY and they seemed to be able to just pick up and move on.
I also started and then ended up just skimming through "The Red Leather Diary" by Lily Koppel. This is a trashy book about a trashy person. The author, being so open-minded and liberal, about this person's sexual encounters with men and woman. Stating that that was "just how it was" for the wealthy elite in turn of the century New York. Everyone experimented with same sex attraction. I checked this out thinking it would be a good, fun historical read. Not so. Avoid it. Trust me.


love.boxes said...

I didn't know about the Martha Washington book. Thanks for the tip. :)

michelle said...

I will avoid that one! Sometimes a reccomendation to avoid a book can be just as valuable as one to read it!