Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Gotten So Much Done!

Yesterday was a banner day. I got a ton done. Several of the things I have had on my "To do" list for years, yes years. So, here they are.
Finally planted some basil indoors in these planters I purchased a while ago.
Finished planting things on my side yard--two wigelia and a pencil holly.
Put together this table and got it set up in my daugther's rooms.
Hung these impessionist paintings that were in my room growing up. I have had these in my house for four years and finally got that accomplished!

Wow! Great day!


Jane Anne said...


ash said...

Well done Janice! Your house looks great! I loved seeing toothsome #4 reaching over the crib. Cute kiddos.

Paige said...

Good for YOU!

Gabriela said...

Wow-I bet you feel great! I LOVE basil. mmmmmmmm.

I have to tell you, we had in my house while I was growing up the picture above #4's crib and one other one of a little dark haired boy. Well, my parents always told me they were paintings of them when they were little. Why would they do this to me??? I don't know. I was seriously like in college before I realized they were Renoirs. I always crack up now when I see them.

love.boxes said...

I love all the pretty blues you have in your home!

michelle said...

Way to go! Don't you wish you could figure out the magic combination that makes a day productive? I wish I could, maybe tomorrow will be one for me!

sara said...

your kids are so cute. i love the look on #3's face in the first picture. you can tell you told him to go get in the picture and he was like, "here we go again." i've made that look so many times in the past!

i need a productive day like that. badly.