Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Thinking Pink!

I just finished planting all of my flowers in my front flower bed. And this year, they are all pink. The past few years, I have done purples but for whatever reason, I left the Garden Center with all pink flowers--mostly geraniums and petunias. (My front bed gets full sun.) When they are in full bloom, I'll post pictures.

Also, while the house cleaners were here (I have them come twice a year), I attacked my basement and got a TON cleaned out. It still has a long way to go but boy do I feel like I accomplished something big today. Unlike my friend Gabriela who moves often and is forced to dejunk with every move, we have only moved three times in our married life and often brought the same junk with us, from move to move. So, today was HUGE.


Jan said...

Yeah for all that getting done. Kudos to you. And go for the pink. It is always so beautiful. Can't wait for the pictures.

michelle said...

good for you! I love days like that!

Paige said...

You seem to be ultra productive lately. I'm impressed and just a little bit jealous.