Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer "To Do"

Summer is fast approaching and I have spent the weekend coming up with a "Summer Plan".

I have informed the neighborhood Moms that our house is "closed" before 10:00 am. I have also created a sign stating that as well, that I am going to post on the door for the first few weeks, until everyone gets it.

Before 10:00 am the following MUST be done:

1. Make bed

2. Eat breakfast

3. Clean room

4. Do one section of "Summer Bridge Books"

5. Practice the piano

I have printed this list out on colorful paper and it will be posted in a central location that they can check off once their things are done.

My kids are always up around 7:00 am, so this is very doable.

At 1o:00 am, they will have tennis and then swimming.

On Fridays, we as a family will attack one of the rooms in the house together--kitchen, the Great room, the mud room, etc. because they don't have tennis or swimming on those days. Those days, the baseboards, the walls--everything will get a thorough cleaning.

For Family Home Evening, we are compiling a list of what the kids want to do for fun this summer like going to the zoo, visiting the Spiral jetty, the aquarium, the Olympic fountain, etc. That list will be posted as well to refer to when the kids say, "Mom, we are bored!"

Today, after attacking the bathrooms, I am going to create a "To Do" list for me that includes things like getting the kids scrapbooks organized, cleaning out the basement, etc. Things that don't make it on my regular "to do" list. So, that is Summer Plan 2008. What are your summer plans?


Cassy said...

We just have our boys signed up for swimming lessons, but I'm also thinking about trying karate. They both have so much aggressive energy!

Paige said...

My plan? Hang in there. What's a spiral jetty?

Gabriela said...

ummmm, to come to the States and drink milk from the carton and eat frosted miniwheats till I can't eat anymore. :)

love.boxes said...

You are so funny Janice.. the house is closed until 10 (but, then you have swimming/tennis.. so technically the house is mostly closed!) My plan exactly!!!

c is doing summer bridge and she has to read for 60 mins. everyday in the summer. She has swimming and art and possibly summer piano. We also have scheduled park days with friends and scheduled weekly play dates with cousins.. but I have to keep a schedule and have time to get my work done or else the scary mom comes out and no one likes me anymore.

Jo said...

I like your scheduled plan. I should do this for myself. You've inspired me!

di said...

my plan is to have this baby!
seriously though--"a" is going to camp every thursday at thanksgiving point, "M" has little gym, swimming in my parents pool, and just trying to survive the heat!