Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I am Learning Recently

1. When cleaning out a basement, it is OK to get rid of:

--maternity clothes and baby clothes (if I have a surprise 5th, I can and probably should buy new items)
--things that have been given to you for free, that you have not used in 5 plus years but in the back of your mind you think you might need some day
--some wedding gifts that were given that you still think are cool but know you will never use
--cassette tapes (since I can download anything these days)
--old Primary singing time music aids (the songs on the back of these items they are currently not learning), that probably weren't that great anyway.

It is OK to save:
--your old Prom dress as well as some very old outdated dresses that have a ton of sentimental value
--some baby clothes that are full of meaning
--boxes for mailing gifts to friends and family at any time (however, I do have to get rid of some of them)

2. The end of school is a delightful yet sad time. My kids have had a GREAT year and they both have said how they will miss their teachers but love the idea of summer.

3. Soccer parents get more fanatical as your children age. (Can we say, wanting to hire a fitness trainer yes trainer, for 9 year old boys. Isn't playing soccer fitness? )

4. Pet Day is the LAMEST of all "special" school days.

5. The swimming lesson pool desk at my local rec center is NEVER open.

6. When someone offers to sell you frozen chicken and meat a super good price, you should say no. But if you don't your freezer will be full of food that you are not sure you will like anyway. (For some reason, the lemon chicken looks yucky to me.

7. You can drink to much Diet Coke. (I know, I never thought that was possible.)


love.boxes said...

Oh how I need to go through my house and do that. The thing that mostly takes over my house is books, however, and the thing is.. they are all my favorites!!

Jan said...

That was so funny Janice. Paper paper for me. I just have a freeze when it comes to paper.

The diet thing was too funny. Were you running around like a chicken with its head cut off? That was the picture of to much caffiene that came in my mind. Happy cleaning out.

Jane Anne said...

I find cleaning out is just so gratifying...I've been doing it slowly for 5 years ( ever since we moved into this house) It's something I have to keep up on but I'm at a point where I really don't keep anything I haven't used in a year and it feels soooo good. In fact, I've thought about starting a decluttering business when this RS thing is finished.

sara said...

i, for one, would like to see a picture on the blog of you in said prom dress. (a current picture, not an old one...)

please? for old times' sake!

Janice said...

Sara: Funny you mentioned that. I was thinking about putting it on for old times sake (I am the same size I was in high school--actually smaller thanks to nursing. So, we shall me. Stay tuned.

Janice said...

Oh and for the record, last time I saw John Mullin (my date) he looked just as darling as he did back in the day. Married to beautiful woman, who knew a BYU roomate of mine. Small world.