Monday, May 12, 2008

I am So Thankful I Have Them!

Nine years ago, I sat in a Sacrament meeting at church, very pregnant with toothsome #1 and listened to the speakers talk about motherhood. As I sat there, feeling this baby inside me move, I was overwhelmed with joy that I was going to be joining the "society of motherhood." Nine years later, I am so overwhelmed and grateful for my four bright, darling, talented, precocious little ones. I somehow imagined it would be more serene (ha ha). They are my life! Motherhood is such a blessing and a gift.


love.boxes said...

One thing I like about you Janice is that you make motherhood look like so much fun! You do a lot of fun things with your kids.

Gabriela said...

Awwww, and I bet they love having you as their mom. :)