Tuesday, September 2, 2008

After . . .

After a Labor Day spent taking care of two throwing-up children, one looks forward to everyone going back to school. After toothsome #1, one of the sickos from the day before, starts complaining about a stomach ache after eating breakfast and you try and convince yourself, that is it is nothing, one decides to try drive them to the bus stop (five house up the street), in hopes that the stomach pain is just anxiety about school and not real pain.
After toothsome #1 comes running to the car sobbing saying he thinks he is going to throw-up again, you tell him to get into the car and you will drive him and toothsome #2 to school because one holds onto the belief that it might indeed just be anxiety. On the way to school, you have to stop and get an extra large Diet Coke at McDonalds because you know it is going to be "one of those days."
After taking toothsome #1 to school and he still is writhing in pain in the backseat, one comes to terms with the fact that he really is sick, you are a bad mother and you drive back home.
After toothsome #1 takes some Tylenol and watches "The Spiderwick Chronicles", he starts feeling better and one realizes that one can use said child to watch toothsomes # 3-4 while you get a TON of housework done. You can also make toothsome #1 get some weeding done just in case some of the stomach ache was fake and he better not try that again on his mother because staying home from school is worse than going, if you have to weed.
After that, well, one has to blog about it.


Paige said...

Oh, to have a diet coke stop on the way to school. What's up with that? We stopped at the soccer field on the way to school to see if we could find the child's soccer bag that she left there last night. -Sigh-

But I have plenty of diet coke in the fridge.


Funny! School is only 5 blocks away, Is MCD's on the way or out of the way. And you are a good mother. You wouldn't believe how many children I've had over the years who come to school sick because mother didn't want them home. Water is really a great drink! Of course, dentist husband will agree.

love.boxes said...

They all look great too! Happy new school year kids!