Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm Usually a Positive Person but today I feel like Posting What is currently Frustrating Me

OK, here is my list:

1. Last night, we attended my son's soccer game and he didn't play one minute of it. Yes, we were gone the whole month of August and missed a ton of practices, yes, this is competitive soccer, yes, I didn't pay the extra money for a summer long soccer camp but after the team was beating us 4-1, the coach could have put him in. I love this coach, I love this team, but it broke my heart to see only the starters play the whole game. FYI: There were other boys who didn't play the entire game either. I wish we had stayed up the canyon last night. My son then wouldn't have been crying on the way home.

2. Ward boundaries: There has been a rumor floating around that they were going to realign the ward boundaries in our stake. We need it big time. In the last few months, our ward has lost about 7 strong families. Our ward is now tiny. The pews are empty. I am doing a minimum of three callings. In a short time, we will have less than 10 young men in our ward. We are in a dying ward. It is the smallest ward I have ever lived in and that includes areas in my Argentine mission. Yesterday, I found out another family is moving out because our ward is so small and their son needs to be in a ward with young men his age. I am very close to this family. I have cried with them over their concerns. They have listened to my fears and worries and were one of the few families who reached out to me and my husband during a hard trial of our faith. (Yes, even returned missionaries, full tithe payers sometimes have them.) They have been very vocal about their worries and wanting the boundaries changed and instead of compassion, they have gotten unkind things said about them which is very unfair. I stand by them and their decision and truth be known, if things don't change, we will be facing a similar decision soon. I support my leaders. I know they have hard things to deal with and a lot of hard difficult decisions need to be made when changing boundaries. I know it isn't easy and feel for them too. But, at times it feels will we are being abandoned. I have not even heard a word of "We know you guys are struggling. We feel for you and know we are working on fixing it." That would be nice to hear and I believe that is how they feel. I am currently, just so sad to lose such great people and friends and worry about what this will do to an already hurting ward.

3. Sickness: The fall is my favorite time of year. I get giddy with excitement when the air gets cooler. However, this fall, my house has been plagued by minor sickness. We have had stomach flus, colds and migraines.

On a side note, many friends have asked me why I don't have a Nie Nie link on my blog. They know I read about the Nielson family and their horrific airplane accident that left them severely burned. Their blog is on my Favorites list on my computer. The story itself hits very close to home to me because my husband is a private pilot and that could conceivably happen to me. That said, I don't have a link because this world is so full of tragedy, I don't feel right just focusing on one. I completely support all the efforts on their behalf and encourage people to keep supporting them. I think it is WONDERFUL! But for me personally, I am choosing to not highlight them here specifically on my blog in deference to all of the others out there who are in need.

Anyway, I promise to post something more positive again next time. Currently, my heart is breaking for those around me (and little for myself. :) ).


love.boxes said...

I hope that your boundary issue will be resolved soon. It makes all the difference the kind of ward you have ... especially in Utah where you live so close to everyone. Good luck. I hope things improve soon. :)

Queen Elizabeth said...

I feel for you. My kids don't play soccer and maybe this is one of the underlying reasons. Granted, my only son is 3 so time will tell.

Ward boundaries are tough. I can't tell you the times when our ward has been on "skeleton crew" - it's not fun and we just can't move because of ward boundaries (some can around here, but not us... for a number of reasons). It is definitely a trial. Do you feel comfortable talking to a member of the stake pres? I did and boundaries did NOT change (I'm still holding out hope - believe me) but I felt so much better knowing they were aware of it.

You're in my prayers... hang in there. And good luck finding a urinal for your Christmas --- hilarious. (Seriously, they sell them for potty training purposes... may be a little on the small side?) ;)

di said...

hang in there. you are great and so loved.

superpaige said...

I can't believe the coach had kids sitting on the sideline and didn't let them play at all. How many kids are on that team? Do they have enough kids that the starters weren't just dieing? On our team, if you miss practice, you are not guaranteed to start the game, but you will play eventually.

Sorry it was a bad experience for him.

Jo said...

You're a trooper, janice.

ash said...

Lameo-rama on not have toothsome 4 play soccer and I'm surprised to hear the ward is so tiny. Best o' luck with everything. Take a breath of that nice fall air, right?