Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have been thinking about gratitude this weekend. On Friday evening, Dentist husband and my two sons were in a serious car accident. So serious, that every eyewitness told me that they didn't expect to see anyone alive inside the car when all was said and done. In short, my husband's car was rear ended in such a way that it was sent rolling several times on I-80. Fortunately, the eye witnesses who ran to the car, found two very alive but scared little boys and one unconscious man, who after a trip in an ambulance and five plus hours in the ER ended up with only a lot of bruising and superficial cuts and scratches on his body. It is a miracle they are alive.

So, here is my list of things I am grateful for in light of this accident:

1. The good Samaritan who called me to tell me about it and first said, "Your boys are fine. Your husband is awake and alert and moving his hands but they have been in a serious car accident."

2. The good Samaritan who gave my kids her cell phone so I could talk to them the whole time I was driving to the accident.

3. The nurse good Samaritan who rushed to the car and held my husband's neck in place until the EMT's arrived. She also checked out my sons and was very good at giving me directions to the ER they were taking my husband to.

4. The kind EMTs who told me before I got to the accident that it appeared as if my husband's injuries where superficial and that his hands and arms were OK. (I kept saying, "He is a dentist and needs his hands. Are his hands OK?)

5. The wonderful people who took such good care of my kids until I got there because they had taken my husband away in an ambulance. The same good people who gave me such good information about what happened (he was reared ended by an older gentleman who confused the gas and brake pedal) and warned me about the seriousness of everything without sounding panicky or distraught. (That helped me keep my cool in that I always cry when someone else cries.)

6. The wonderful doctors, nurses, and hospital employees and volunteers at the ER who took such great care of my husband, kids and me.

7. My best friend from growing up, Diane, who came up to the hospital (leaving her own kids) to watch my kids, so I could be back with my husband. She was a life saver.

8. My sister, who called my best friend and asked her to come up and be at the hospital.

9. The nice lady at Shopko Eye Care center who immediately ordered new glasses for my son and husband and put a rush on them, so they will arrive early this coming week.

10. Our wonderful eye doctor who came in on a Saturday afternoon to check out my husband's eye which showed some worrisome eye symptoms. (They are worrisome but he confirmed his eye is fine and his eye is healing.)

11. The makers of the Subaru WRX who made a car that somehow protected my husband and sons during a multiple roll over accident.

12. The great car insurance people at Progressive who have been prompt and kind in dealing with this.

13. The nice sheriff on the scene to who called later to check on the boys and my husband.

14. My husband for having himself and the boys in seat belts. If they hadn't been in them, there would have for sure been fatalities.

15. Most importantly, a loving Heavenly Father who protected my husband and sons. We know most people don't survive things like this (our car insurance ward member informed us of this fact) and for some unknown reason, we were spared serious tragedy. We are so blessed and realize divine intervention was the only thing that can explain this blessing in our lives.


michelle said...

Oh Janice, I absolutely have chills! I am so glad they are okay! What wonderful blessings you have!

superpaige said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so so sorry. I can't imagine how horrible that must have been to get that call. I'm so glad that they are not seriously injured. Is everyone home, now?

Do you need anything?

di said...

i am still so shook up over the whole thing. what a blessing that everyone was alright. i am soooo grateful. i went home that night and held my little ones and hubby for a long time. i love you janice and your sweet little family.

Gabriela said...

Oh my goodness Janice, what a weekend you must have had. I'm so glad everything turned out so well-hard to think about the alternative. Much love, Gabs.

Anonymous said...


When Di called to tell us about the accident and to ask us to pray for you guys we all wished we could be with you to help out. What a miracle that all are safe and relatively unscathed by the accident.


Jennifer said...


I'm so sorry to hear about this terrible accident, but delighted to read that our Heavenly Father protected your hubby & children. I will certainly keep all of you in my prayers!

Jennifer :-)
A former Swap Buddy

jo said...

I cannot tell you how many lucky stars I am counting because you guys are all ok.

And I hear from a very good source that you've also been an tremendous trooper (as always).

I too am very grateful that your family so is well watched over.

Keep up the good work.


Janice, I am so grateful that hubby and the boys are OK. I didn't hear about this on Sunday. This could have been so tragic. Heavenly Father was certainly watching over your familly. Bless you all. Laura

Motherboard said...

You do have many things to be grateful for! It seems that its always times like these that make me realize that the only thing that matters is my family. Everything else is just stuff.

I am so grateful that your family is well and healing!

Suzy said...

Janice, I'm a friend of Diane's and read your story after her post. I absolutely got chills reading about what happened and seeing the pictures of the car. It's definitely reminded me that miracles can and do occur and to not take precious time with our families for granted. I'm so glad your family is okay, albeit shaken up after this experience. Wow. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

love.boxes said...

Dear Janice,
I am so grateful that your family is OK and for all the other things that you listed. May you and your family be well and very well.