Saturday, September 6, 2008

How My Flower Beds Turned Out

A year ago, I posted this post about my poor Rose of Sharon. It did eventually bloom in late August. Well, one year later, it fortunately, is doing much better. Here is what it looks like now. I also did this post about planting my front flower beds. I didn't deadhead my geraniums enough, so they didn't flower as much I wanted them to but still, things looked nice out front.
My Rose of Sharon tree--an althea did just what it was supposed to do and flowered with pretty, tiny pink flowers all over it.
This is a little better picture of it.
So, for the most part, I am happy with how things turned out with my plantings this summer. Two bushes I planted died but it was because I forgot to water them and my tomatoes are doing so so. Hopefully, this Spring, we are going to pour a new concrete pad in our backyard and I can get serious about planting things back there. My grumpy backyard neighbor hates our "just grass" but who cares. He is mean and grumpy and my kids love all of the space to run around.


Jan said...

Really pretty Janice. Sorry about Mr. Grump in the backyard. Don't they have Round up for those?

Gabriela said...

Looks great Janice. Nice work. I am just trying to keep my plants alive here now in practice for one day having a lawn.

Mr. Grumpy-grass-hater. Shame on you!

Jane Anne said...

Looks good Janice. I have two rose of sharon bushes and one does well and the other one is still only about 1 foot hight and it's been five years since I planted it. They are right next to each other...crazy.

love.boxes said...


Nettie said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

I love Rose of Sharon's. There is one along a road that was planted way too close to the road and that side is half pruned back. I always feel so sad for it, but at least it looks pretty on the side the owner sees out the window.