Monday, September 15, 2008

It Appears as If I am Not Raising an animal rights activist

At least once a month, we have a family movie night. This weekend, I suggested having one and recommended to my kids the movie, "Free Willy." I remember liking the movie when it came out (particularly the Michael Jackson song that went with it) and since we were just at Sea World, I thought my kids would like it. Toothsome #4 age 2 still walks around the house waving her arms and hollering, "Shamu Shamu".

Anyway, my oldest said, "I don't really want to see it Mom." When I asked why, he said, "Because the whole movie will be about, "Save the whales, save the whales. Blah blah blah. We just need to remember to save the whales."

Hmm. It appears as if I am not raising an animal rights activist.


Lisa said...

That is so do have opinions! My little Alexandra said yesterday, "why does everyone always talk about Obama, Obama, Obama, that's all I ever hear."

They are listening...

michelle said...

So funny!

The Donald said...

HA! That was great! Oh, and the contest that I said I had up earlier and I didn't, well it is posted now.

Save the Whales just isn't something you hear anymore. So does that mean we saved them?

Jane Anne said...

That'f pretty funny! It's amazing what kids come up with.

Gabriela said...

That's funny. It is the opposite of Margarita right now who if we even bring up global warming or something, starts to cry.

You should hear my kids take on the political scene right now, I tell them not to talk politics in public or we are sure to offend!

Tracy H. said...

No, we haven't saved the whales. Each year Sea Shepherd does its best to get between the Japanese whalers and the whales:

sara said...

i will not let scout know about this... she'd be horrified if she knew that someone that wasn't interested in saving whales. or anything to do with whales.

apparently i AM raising an animal rights activist... and i have no idea how. she asks me 25,000 times per day to buy her a dog, hamster, gerbil, turtle, anything. i don't even like animals.

The Donald said...

Hey, you won a prize in the contest I had, go to my blog to see how to claim it.

michaleenflynn52 said...

On the original post:
I think it's great that your son does his own thinking! Not buying into manipulative media is a good thing, IMO. He doesn't want it rammed down his throat, good for him!

To Gabriela:
This is why I try to counter all the global warming stuff that my 9 year old hears in the media and at school, etc.

It's my opinion that children shouldn't have the weight of the world on their shoulders, save this and save that, it gives them a very insecure feeling.

I remind my daughter that global warming is a theory, not a fact, and as citizens all we can do is make sure and be good stewards of the environment to the best of our ability, and leave the rest to God.

Oh, and I have a "Stop Global Whining" bumpersticker LOL
She really likes that ;-)