Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canyon Cooking

One of the greatest things about living so close to the mountains is being able to go up regularly and roast hot dogs, make Smores and hang out around the fire.
We haven't done it much this summer, but made up for it by going alot so far this Fall. Already, we have plans to go again this weekend. Every year we try to time it so we go up one last time before the first snow fall. We still have plenty of time, but already we are talking about doing it again this year.
Cute toothsome number 4 next to the beginnings my husbands "rockin" log cabin fire.
This my attempt to take a picture to prove that I was there. Not so flattering of me but great of toothsome #2. Notice our Honda mini van in the back. I love that car.
Toothsome #1 with his hatchet. Again, at home, he would never be allowed to "play" with a hatchet and a log but up the canyon--always.
We have a favorite spot with a lot of great climbing rocks. The kids are in heaven, I am in heaven and so is dentist husband.
When Dentist husband was in dental school, we had a favorite spot about 5 minutes from our house (up Flagstaff, for those of you familiar with Boulder, CO) and we ate up their regularly and developed a favorite meal we called, "Cow in a Cave" which is steak and mushrooms eaten in a hollowed out end of french bread. So, we feel so lucky to be close to great mountains and continue enjoying our Canyon cooking.
FYI: We not big camping people, but big go up for the evening and enjoying the mountains kind of people.


michelle said...

That is one of the things I am looking forward to going home to Utah. I will miss the beach but quick jaunts up the canyon might make up for it! Looks like fun!

ash said...

This looks like good times indeed. Made me miss the closeness of the canyons and the mountains. These pics sent me down memory lane. Our fam used to go up to the canyon for Sunday night dinner. Wonderful...