Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bear Lake

Dentist husband's sister (4 of 9 sibling) and her husband invited us up to his family's Bear Lake house this past weekend.  It was a magical weekend.  

The man in the green and girl holding the baby is Dentist husband's sister (7 of 9 sibling) and husband but NOT the people that invited us up.  Somehow, I didn't get many pictures of those two.
Their property is lakeside but because of some battle with the farmers over water rites, lakeside is farther away than it used to be.  Still, it was very close and very fun.
The kids spent hours on their dry beach and trampoline.  There was also a long slide (not pictured).
Dentist husband water skiing.  He really is a beautiful water skier.
We also played Speed Scrabble daily.  My two oldest are getting really good at it and it makes me happy to see their spelling and vocabulary develop.  (The man in the yellow shirt is my brother-in-law who invited us up.)  
When we weren't on the boat, we spent hours playing lakeside.
Again, it was a magical weekend.  Thank you again #4 and husband.


Queen Elizabeth said...

OOOOOoooo I love Bear Lake. Looks like a blast!

Lisa said...

Magical indeed.

What is speed scrabble? Alexandra might be interested. She has recently discovered the game Scrabble.

michelle said...

Bear Lake is so much fun! Cold though!

ash said...

Rockin' time indeed.