Thursday, July 16, 2009


We try to regularly do family movie night.  With children ranging in ages from 10-2, it is often hard to come up with something we all can and are willing to watch.  
I remembered seeing this movie in the theatre when I was a little girl with two of my sisters and some children of friends of my parents.  My memories were sporadic at best and after some internet research, figured out the title and bought it. 

This movie really is a delightful watch.  David Niven and Helen Hayes are wonderful in this charming tale.  It contains mystery, fun and humor.  A rare gem. Highly recommended.


Jude said...

Did your kids like it? I LOVED that movie when I was growing up. When my dad was the President of Deseret News, he would bring home these movies on 8 mm and we'd watch them outside on a big screen. I tried to get Katie to watch it last year and she was totally bored. Maybe this year?

Janice said...

Judy, my kids loved it with the exception of toothsome #4 (age 2) but she can't still for anything unless it has music in it. (We watch a lot of HSM around here).

David said...

i have never heard of this! will watch it for sure!

love.boxes said...

looks fun! I love Guns of Navarone w/ him in it.