Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 6th

We headed up to my father-in-law's house in Heber to celebrate the July cousin's birthday.  Here are the 3 boys ages 11, 13 and 10.
The mother's who delivered those cute boys.  
(FYI:  We are all the in-laws.  We married the first three sons in the family.  There are five sisters and one more brother.) And, yes, we were all very wind blown by the end of the day.  Not the greatest picture of any of us.
We did go-karts

and roasted hot dogs.
I think we are done with major events for a while around here.  It has been a fun few days.


Jude said...

Fun day! Those Go Karts are always a hit.

Anonymous said...

Go Karts! Fun!

jo said...

Can I just say how sad I am that I missed this holiday weekend?

You guys look like you had such a blast as always.

I can't believe #1 is 10! You guys have a good little family there.

Lisa Christine said...

I just caught up on your last few posts! you have been up to lots of fun!