Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Donut Falls and Donuts

For Family Home Evening, we decided to do another hike.  This time to place called Donut Falls.  The hike was the perfect length and the scenery was beautiful.
You may have noticed that I seem to wear the same pants but in a different color in many of my summer pictures.  My love of Hanna Andersson is in full swing and I bought these lightweight sweatpant capri's in every color during their latest sale.  It has a side pocket that I keep my keys, my phone, driver's license and credit card.  It is my favorite "find" of the season.  I haven't had to take my purse anywhere.
On their own, the kids posed on this rock and asked for their picture to be taken.  Notice toothsome #3's legs.  
Donut Falls.  It was a little anti climatic because about 2 years ago, there was a rock slide and you can't see the said "donut" rock that the water runs through anymore unless you really off- road into the mountains which with a two year old, we couldn't do.  The falls are still beautiful but we couldn't get as close we thought.  
For dessert, we had donuts.  
Toothsome #4 eats her donuts by eating off all of the chocolate and then asking for another one.  


Britt said...

You guys are a fun family. Plus you're so cute.

Lisa Christine said...

I love Hanna Andersson....but I admit that I haven't purchased anything from there because I am just too cheap. (don't tell) :)