Monday, July 13, 2009

Heber/Midway with Gabriela

My friend Gabriela was in town this past week.  Thankfully, she called me and we were able to get together.  Dentist husband had the great idea of getting together to do go-karts at my father-in-law's Heber property.
Gabriela and I.  We have known each other since high school.
The kids played basketball (and collected many bugs--notice the blue bug catcher at the bottom of the frame)
Of course, rode go-karts.  We stopped the when the kids got bored doing it.  (Who knew kids could get bored doing it.)
Later, we went to her in-laws house where we were told we could find snakes.  I didn't believe them and I was wrong.  Within a matter of minutes, at least five snakes were found.
The kids also collected golf balls.  Many, many golf balls.

It was a wonderful fun night.  Looking forward to her next visit.

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Gabriela said...

We had tons of fun with you guys! We'll see you in December. :0