Monday, July 27, 2009

Mongolian Barbeque

We discovered this restaurant when we were in St. George last fall.  We honestly fell in love with the food and ate there every day we were there.  
Here are my kids with the owner.  Her name is Yew (I think that is how it is spelled) and she is originally from Vietnam.  She has a very nice but intense personality, ordering you around in the restaurant (You will sit here.  Your kids will use chopsticks.  You don't know what you are doing, let me mix up your sauces, etc.)  It is very refreshing and fun to be in her presence.  From what people have told us, she had a very sad life before coming to the United States and she is very well known in the Southern Utah area.  We love her.
You first pick what size bowl you want and then proceed to pick what veggies and meat you want cooked.  We have a "who will pick the healthiest meal" challenge with my kids and they load up on carrots, celery, etc.
I didn't get a picture of it but after you put your noodles, veggies and meat in the bowl, there about 10 sauces which you ladle over your selection--from Mongolian barbeque, to sea salt, to fish something or other, oyster sauce, lemon water, curry sauce, sesame, etc.  The first time there, Yew did it for me (after asking if I liked spicy or not).  Since it was her restaurant, I trusted her and it was well worth it.  We now all know what we like and don't require her assistance anymore.
Once you are done, you give your bowls to these nice men (who I think are all related to the owner somehow), who cook it for you.  The grill spins and they use long wooden dowels to push the food around and cook it.  They then bring your food to you, in a fresh bowl to your table. 
Because it comes out very hot, you dump the bowls contents onto your plate and go at it.  

They also serve soup and rice with the meal.  The owner usually comes over with origami birds and hands those out to kids as well.  It really is wonderful experience and the price is very reasonable. So, if you are ever in the St. George area. . .


ash said...

We've had some stuff like this in HI and want to have it again but haven't found a place. Good to know there's one down south.

Jude said...

I haven't been to a Mongolian BBQ place in years. We used to go to the one on State Street downtown. My college roomies and I would actually use our fists to smash down as much food in the bowl as we could. We'll have to visit that place on our way to California in September.

David said...

i'll have to try it next time i drive through there.