Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

I love being a mother--even dealing with the yucky parts--like diaper changes, cleaning up throw-up, wiping runny noses, having projectile spit-up land all down the front of my shirt just as I am about to go up and lead the closing song in Sacrament meeting, etc. I feel it is such privilege and blessing to be a mother that any of the work is so worth it, with the exception of potty training. I HATE potty training.

My wise sister (sibling #3) who has five boys, told me to not start potty training until a child is three. I have added to that until they are at least three and really ready. I mean really ready--like them telling you when they are going pee-pee when they have their diaper on. I want no accidents on my carpet. I want no wet puddles on the wood floor. I don't want any accidents in the Playland at McDonalds. Once they have proven to me they are completely aware of going in their diaper, then we move on to underpants. No sooner. That is my rule and it has worked with my first two kids. My two oldest children potty trained in 24 hours. Yes, I rocked as a potty training mother.

Until . . .this morning toothsome #3 announces that he is done wearing diapers and wants to wear big boy pants. As his mother, I know he is not ready. Yes, he is three, but he has given no true indication that he is ready and so I ignore him. He tells me we need to go to the store and buy him big boy pants. I ignore him. We are out doing errands and he reminds me to buy him big boy pants. So, I give in. We go and buy some Spiderman and Cars emblazoned underpants and go home. Within 10 minutes, he has tried on every pair and gone pee-pee in the toilet once and had one accident. He is not ready but this strong-willed child will not let me put a diaper on him! He is done with diapers.

My one small success is that he did do a number 2 in the potty just before bedtime. Hurray! So, I will keep everyone posted. I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride.


Anonymous said...

oh the joys! i will be joining you soon on training my #2. i am with you on waiting until they are ready. i remember pushing #1 for several months, then i gave up for a while. once he was ready, he was trained in a day with no accidents, even in the night!
good luck! glad i have a few more months!

Paige said...

And so it goes with John, although he DOESN'T want to be ready. He screams and cries when I make him use the potty, but I know it's time to start him. Uuughh! Good luck to you, and let's hope we all survive this lovely little potty stage.

love.boxes said...

Oh Janice.. good luck! I mean that in the most heart felt way. I hate pee on the carpet. :)

Lindsey said...

I'm excited to see what happens. Lilly refuses to even think about using the potty. She tells us when she's doing it and even likes to be changed. She has no interest whatsoever. I'm a little scared.

24 hours?! I hope that happens to me. I would take a 24 hour labor to have potty training done in 24 hours. It scares the (bleep) out of me.

sara said...

man, he REALLY looks like you. don't you think? what a cute kid.

i hate potty training too. i just got my 4.5 year old pooping on the potty... and still half the time he asks for a pull up.