Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Envisioning Myself Being a Cake-Making Goddess

My friend Lindsey posted this on her website. I was so moved about how cute those little poppy seed bundt cakes were, I immediately ordered a mini bundt cake pan for myself. For some reason, those cute little bundt cakes stirred up all of these great food presentation fantasies. There are six people in my family and I see myself making these cute little cakes and my husband and kids delighting in there own little cake. I see myself making them for Book club and everyone spontaneously cheering out loud at how darling and tasty they are. I see inviting neighbors over for Family Home Evening, and smiling demurely when they see the cute little cakes I bring out for dessert. I see myself having my in-laws over for dinner and "wowing" them with these little cakes.
But first, the pans need to arrive and then I need to put these fantasies into action. So, if you are in my book club, or I invite you over for Family Home Evening, please cheer out loud when I serve you a cute little bundt-cake. Thank you. If you want to make one of your own, you can buy them here.


Mel said...

I love those little Bundt cake pans! I have two pans, so if you ever need to borrow them for a big dinner party, give me a holler. Oh, and a little tip -- they need to be greased really well. I personally like the spray with flour for that job.

Gabriela said...

Those look so cute! I bet all of your dreams will come soon just as soon as they arrive.

I will be checking out Lindsey's blog again-it looks cool. I love getting tried and true recipes. :)

love.boxes said...

This is what happens to me when i read Lindsey's blog, then, yesterday I got painting and left some bread in the oven until it was black and sadly filled the house with an awful smell and ended up on the porch in the rain. I know, I'm pathetic.

Love Lindseys blog, it makes me dream of being divine in the kitchen. Hey.. that's pretty good... Linds, if you read this... Divine in the Kitchen should be the title of your best-selling cookbook! ...which should ofcourse have one of your lovely photos on every page! :) I like the cookbooks with pictures!

Good post Janice!!!