Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yard Work

I spent about two hours out in my flower beds today. I have three. I want to have more flower beds, but we still need to expand our back porch (my husband and I are still negotiating on exactly what to do), so I have one main one under my front porch and two smaller ones. I really didn't know anything about planting until 8 years ago, when we bought our first house and I realized that I needed to learn. I am still learning and every year, I feel great excitement about the upcoming planting season and what flowers I am going to try.

Anyway, today was "amend the soil" day. I went to my local nursery and bought four big, heavy bags of compost and worked them into the soil. (Thank you to the nice employee who saw me with two little kids--one crying and helped me load them into my car.) While at the nursery, I bought two more buckets (?) of balloon flowers and three packets of seeds for some more Love In a Mist. (FYI, the picture on Wikipedia doesn't do Love in Mist justice to how truly beautiful they are.)

I plant Love in a Mist purely for sentimental reasons. I think most people consider them a "dated" flower but it is one my Mom's favorite flowers and the first house we purchased, my husband's grandmother's home built in 1941, had a ton of them growing on the side of the house. They are one of the only true blue flowers and every time I see them growing, I get really warm happy feelings about my and husband's heritage.

So, now my arms and back are tired but my beds look good and I have the warm happy feeling about the upcoming season. I am now going outside to enjoy the cool night air.


love.boxes said...

Just call "love in the mist" "granny chic" and bring it back. I totally want a granny garden with bright petunias, lilac bushes and all that stuff. It's colorful, smells so sweet and brings back so many fun memories. Ornamental grass??? Not for me thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

your yard always looks great! sorry to hear about the sore muscles--very worth it though! we have lilac bushes on the side of our house--they are my favorite! in boulder we had tons of lilac bushes. i, too, love the memories!