Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Product I Love--Hanna Andersson

For some reason, I have always identified with my Scandinavian part of my heritage more than any other of the other family lines. Maybe it is because my maiden name is Swedish and I am so blond and blue eyed, I have had people assume I was born and raised in a Scandinavian country. This was particularly true when I served my mission on Temple Square and I would have Swedish and Norwegian visitors come up to me and assume I spoke their language. Imagine their surprise, when they would discover I speak Spanish! Anyway, I digress.
Years ago, I discovered Hanna Andersson. I realize that they are an Americanized version of Swedish clothing but regardless, I have been a huge fan of their clothing from day one. The brand just fits my body better than most companies and I somehow feel closer to my heritage when I wear their clothes--in particular their clogs. Now that I have two daughters, I love that I can buy the matching mother/daughter outfits. Every Christmas I threaten my husband that we are going to buy their matching green, red and white pajamas for everyone and make it our Christmas card. However, I think that would be the year, my husband would refuse to be in the card.
Anyway, if you haven't discovered Hanna Andersson, go to their web-site and check it out.

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Lindsey said...

Their stuff is great! We have a store in our local mall that I like to go into.