Friday, April 20, 2007

The Story of the Ring

On Christmas Eve 2006, I decided that Santa would not come until I had mopped our kitchen floor. Our wooden floor was a mess and I hand mopped the whole thing. At the end of my mopping, I went to put on my wedding ring, wedding band and another ring that I wear on my right hand ring finger. In my haste, I put the wedding band on the right hand instead of the left. My right hand is bigger than my left hand and immediately after making that mistake, I panicked realizing that I would have a hard time getting it off.
Poor dentist husband walked in the kitchen to see me crying with about a cup of olive oil all over my hands trying to remove the ring. It would not budge and in my frantic attempts at removing the ring, I had caused the knuckle to swell to about twice its normal size. Dentist husband calmed me down, looked at my hand and said, "You are just going to have to wait for your hand to heal before we can try and remove it but if you don't have the patience for that, we can cut it off."
I did not want to cut it off. You see my husband made the wedding band. When we were engaged, he lovingly spent hours making me a hand-made, one of a kind wedding band to go with my engagement ring. The ring means SO much to me and symbolizes so much of the goodness that is my husband.
So, digging deep, I used all of the patience I could muster and waited, and waited and waited. I tried to forget it was on the wrong finger, reminding myself occasionally, that I was still wearing it even though it was not with the engagement ring on my other hand. Every once in a while, I would move it around on my finger, trying to see if I might be able to take it off but realizing I could not. This went on for FOUR LONG MONTHS.
Then, yesterday, after rubbing lotion all of my son's face and thus getting lotion all over my hands, the ring felt loser than normal and after a little bit of struggle, I GOT THE RING OFF! Hooray! Happy Day!
So, that is the story of the ring. I learned that I can be patient and I now have my ring back where it belongs.

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love.boxes said...

Oh I love this story! Patience is something we can learn in my family... all of us... my mom just gave me literally 2 rings to get to the phone before hanging up! Ha! ha!

Anyway, I hope I would be able to do that, but I probably would have pulled on that ring until my finger came off instead. Good job! :)