Friday, April 27, 2007

Family Movie Night

Tonight is Family Movie Night. Once a month, I rent a movie everyone will like, make a kids favorite dinner (tonight is "Chip Dinner"--homemade beans, homemade guacamole, salsa and baby carrots), pop some popcorn and then we all sit down and enjoy a movie together. Tonight we are watching "Night At the Museum."
We do this regularly (almost religiously) and the kids love it and look forward to it. The hardest part for me and my husband is finding a movie we are willing to sit through as well as the kids. Here are some titles that have worked for both Mom and Dad and kids. (Keep in mind, this is for ages 8 and younger.)

1. The Stewart Little Movies (I and II)
2. High School Musical
3. Jump In
4. Read it and Weep
5. The Herbie Movies (including the old Classics)
6. Shrek (I and II)
7. Monsters Inc.

I am sure there are tons more but as I mentioned in the previous post, toothsome #3 is needing my attention in the bathroom.


love.boxes said...

This is such a fun idea. I'm sure your kids just love this time with their parents. We do this atleast once a week with our daughter, but we don't have a special fun dinner or anything so I need to add that. It sounds so fun.

When my daughter was little, we were into the Kipper movies big time. I love those because they are so sweet. Kipper is so lovely and patient with his friend, but if you get a kid addicted to those little shows, you might find your children speaking with an English accent and saying things like, "Might I have a go?"

I want your guacamole recipe? :)

Gabriela said...

Ohhh, thanks, a couple of those movies I haven't heard of. We try to do "family parties" occasionally, and we are always looking for tolerable movies to watch.