Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Books On CD

I am an avid reader, usually reading about two books a week. (Some might ask how I do that being the mother of four young kids and the real, honest answer is that a lot of housework that should get done, doesn't get done.) I love books. I love the smell of books. I love the anticipation of starting a new book. I love the satisfaction of finishing a book. I love seeing how the author unravels a story. Books are very important to me and I hope to pass that love onto my children.
Anyway, recently, I purchased the first Harry Potter book on CD to listen to with my children in the car. We drive down to Provo quite a bit and on Sundays it is common for us to just go on a family drive to force children who should have taken a nap but our church schedule messes it up, to fall asleep. My older kids are starting to complain about how boring it is, so I decided to try out Harry Potter to see if it would help pass the time.
Books on CD are wonderful! Hearing a book read aloud adds a whole new dimension to the story. The kids now ask if we can go on car rides, just so they can listen to Harry Potter. My kids are too little to read the books themselves and the movies are still too scary for all of my kids with the exception of my oldest to watch and this has been a great avenue for them to learn the story and be culturally literate on the subject. My husband who is not a reader is enjoying listening too. It has been a "win" in all areas.
So now, I have decided to check out of the library other books on CD for me to listen to while I do housework. I feel like I am embarking on some new exciting journey.


Paige said...

I've got one in the car right now, "A day no pigs would die". It's nice to listen to something other than complaining while in the car.

love.boxes said...

There are also studies that say books on tape will make your children better readers with a larger vocabulary. Plus, a concern I have lately is that our children are so poor at public speaking, they all need to go through Eliza Doolittle type training so that they won't mumble. Speaking clearly is like dressing well, people unconsciously judge it as a sign of intelligence if a person can speak well. It is good for children to hear a professional read who can really deliver a line. I think you're doing a very good thing here.

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the recommendation-I was thinking about buying HP on cd but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money. I think I'll do it this summer.

Anonymous said...

as you know, we are huge fans of harry potter on cd--they have traveled with us to Phili, Boulder, Oregon, Park City, and many other places! we all love them! well worth the money! the library has tons of books on tape/cd--my kids eat them up!