Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm So Proud

I went to the grocery store with my four kids. I know that sounds like a ton of hard work but I firmly believe that a trip to the grocery store is full of fun learning opportunities with my kids and never mind a "group trip" to the store. Today was no exception.
Today, while shopping they all begged for a jumbo bag of Doritos. I agreed and we kept on shopping. We then passed a huge display of rubber balls and they all begged for a ball. I said no. Then toothsome #1 consults with his siblings and says to me, "If we don't get the Doritos can we get a ball? The Doritos are $3 and one ball is $3." Impressed with his logic and math skills, (and grateful I won't have to clean Dorito fingers later in the day) I agree to that. While picking out a ball with a lot conversation between the kids, Toothsome #1 notices that smaller balls are just $1. He then says, "Can we each get a ball for $1? It will be the same price as one $3 ball." (Toothsome #4 is only 6 months old and doesn't need a ball.) Again, good math skills and good logic and so I agree. So, we leave the store with three balls, three very happy children (toothsome #4 was not so happy as I should have nursed before going to the store) and very proud mother. Good use of your math skills, toothsome #1!


Gabriela said...

That's pretty impressive!

(#1's logic and surviving a trip to the store with 4 kids!)

love.boxes said...

Great!!! Plus balls are a much healthier prize than chips... so really good in lots of ways!

catherine said...

I did great mom shopping the other day, congratulated my kids for a job well done, then promptly drove home leaving my groceries standed at drive and load.