Monday, April 9, 2007

Product I Love--Love Boxes

I discovered these darling hand-painted boxes through my friend Lindsey's web page. They are officially called Love Boxes and I ordered three of them to add to my Easter decorations. They came and they were more beautiful than the pictures on-line and instantly, my children wanted to handle them. About an hour after I set them out, toothsome #2 handed one to me and told me to open it. Inside, she and toothsome #1 had written little love notes to me for me to read. What a great addition to the cannon of Easter memories we will have! Why else do I love this product?
1. Again, I am always looking for small businesses to support and this is another story of a mother doing these out of her home. I love to see mothers succeed in their home-based businesses, doing something beautiful and creative.
2. They arrived beautifully packaged. It was a joy to open each individually wrapped love box. My kids and I had a great time just opening each one.
3. They are really little individual pieces of artwork. Each one is painted with such beautiful detail. It has been fun to study the detail on each one.
So, now is the time to check Love Boxes out!

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love.boxes said...

Dear Janice,

Thank you so much! You are so very kind. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your boxes this much, I always hope that they will make a unique and colorful addition to their new homes. You've just made my day saying all those lovely things!

Love & Best Wishes... Tiffany