Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food and my kids

I am a fast food junky. The only thing that stops from eating it every day is the fear that my heart will explode if I do eat it every day. I have always loved fast food and my hopes that I would outgrow that love when I hit puberty never happened. I have an older sister that hates fast food and loves all things healthy (oh, how I wish I could love all things healthy) and we would joke growing up that our kids would beg to switch houses, so her kids could have hamburgers and fries and my kids would want healthy food. Well, that joke, I think has come true.

Last night for dinner, we had grilled hamburgers, chips, grilled asparagus, and strawberries. Well, first thing eaten by my kids were the strawberries, followed by the asparagus and then very reluctantly the hamburgers. My oldest asked if he could put his asparagus on his hamburger and enthusiastically ate an asparagus (with a little Parmesan cheese) burger. Toothsome #2 was crying and begging to only eat 1/2 of her hamburger and toothsome #3 just climbed out of his chair once he ate the tomato off of his burger and the asparagus was gone. The only person that touched the chips was me! How did I get so lucky to have these healthy eaters!

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love.boxes said...

Wow! I am so impressed I don't know what to say. If only. I have to remind my daughter that she's already had two treats today so maybe a third isn't the best idea. She does LOVE broccoli though, but she'd eat at Pace's everyday if I let her.