Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Catching Up on Reading

May is a horribly busy month and so my normal two book a week reading habit has fallen to the way side. This past weekend, I was able to catch up a little bit. Here is what I have just finished reading:

Seven Years In Tibet--A good if not at times boring read. It was very informative and now I feel like I understand the "Free Tibet" bumper stickers. There was a movie made with Brad Pitt by the same title. I haven't seen it.

The Christmas Quilt--I'm just finishing up the whole Jennifer Chiaverinni quilting series and the next in the series was a Christmas one. It was a fun, fast read and it would be a great one to read around the holidays to get you into the mood.

Drenching In Light by Lisa Wingate--I am a big fan of Lisa Wingate and this is the last book in her "Tending Roses" collection. She also has written some fun books about girls finding love in small Texas towns. Fun, romantic but not trashy.

I'm also just finishing up "Lucy" by Ellen Feldman which is the selection for May in my book club. It has been a fascinating read about Franklin Roosevelt's mistress.

I'm still slowly getting through "Pathway to the Seas" by David McCoullough. Having seen the Panama Canal in real life, I am LOVING this book but it is one I have to put my whole attention on when reading--thus not a good one for reading in spurts while nursing a baby or stirring dinner. I'm hoping to finish this during the summer while waiting for my kids at swimming lessons.


Gabriela said...

2 books a week? I am totally impressed. I feel like I'm doing a lot if I get 1 in every week-2 weeks.

I just finished "Tending Roses" for our book club this month. We read "Good Hope Road" a few months ago-have you read that one? I liked it a lot.

Thanks for the suggestions-I plan on taking a lot of books to Brazil with me.

love.boxes said...

Love that Pathway to the Seas book. I thought that it was a great study in leadership and management styles as well. Really, really good. It seems as though I liked the Brad Pitt movie, but it has been a really long time. Lucy sounds fascinating. While I've read a lot of WW11, I don't know much about FDR personally. Thanks for the reviews and recommendations.