Monday, May 7, 2007

Random Thoughts About My Day

Things I have solved and/or learned about today:

1. Popsicle sticks: It is now Popsicle season and that means Popsicle sticks dropped in my backyard or down the window wells. Thanks to my husband we have solved that problem. Once one of my children is finished with their Popsicle, they have to bring me their stick. I write on the stick their name and date. Next time they want a Popsicle, I have to check my stick stash, if there is no Popsicle stick with their name on it, no Popsicle until they can produce a stick for me. It has worked wonders! No more Popsicle stick problems.

2. Getting older is not all bad. For Mother's Day, my husband had me go and pick out new sofas for our family room. It was so nice to walk into a furniture store with some life experience about sofas behind me. I knew I wanted a 100% stain resistant fabric. (I refuse to worry about stains on these and I didn't want leather.) I wanted a tight back (no loose pillows for children to use for pillow fights) and because all of us are short people, I wanted to be able to sit down on it and have my feet flat on the floor. Oh, I also wanted long sofas so we can lay down and take a nap on one. Sofas found and ordered. (I'll post pictures once they arrive.)

3. Simple dinners are great! Quesadillas and bag of salad (doctored up with fresh Parmesan, olives and tomatoes) satisfies everyone and is fun, quick and easy.

4. Cuddling with a wiggly three year old is one of the greatest things known to mothers.


di said...

sounds like a great day! isn't it fun how the little things make us so happy?!

Paige said...

All good things. But do we have to get older to enjoy them? I especially like the popsicle stick idea. Maybe I'll try that with otter pop wrappers.

love.boxes said...

I love your ideas about sofas... I share those same idea and add to that that I want them in bright rainbow colors and there can be a problem. I finally solved it thank heavens. I'm glad you found your sofas too! Hooray! I want to see them when they arrive. :)