Thursday, May 24, 2007

Planting Done

I finished planting all that I am going to plant this season. The tomatoes are in. I'm trying Big Beef and Sweet 100s. The vinca and petunias (I purchased some double ruffle kind) are in. The balloon flowers are in. I have abandoned the idea of planting basil this season but hope to plant some in-doors in the fall. Now all that is ahead of me is a season of weeding.
On a side note, toothsome #2 is done with pre-school. Next year, that means two elementary students and a pre-schooler (toothsome #3). Life is happening too fast. I like my little ones.


love.boxes said...

Get your Preen, so you don't have much weeding. They now have a variety safe for veggies I hear. Now, what are balloon flowers?

Cute! cute! Picture!!

Lindsey said...

They are adorable.