Monday, May 14, 2007

Funny Story

My youngest, toothsome #4 is very fair. My three older children all have chocolate brown eyes and dark brown to dark blond hair. Dentist husband calls toothsome #4 "recessive" because she manifests all of the recessive traits--white blond hair, bright blue eyes and white/pink skin. She comes by it honestly (I'm very fair) but she is very different looking than my other kids.

Today, while eating at McDonalds, my husband and I see a very blond teenage girl (there is a high school close to this McDonalds and we always are surrounded by teenagers at lunch) and my husband goes up to this girl, holding toothsome #4 and says, "I bet you looked like this as a baby." The girl laughs, talks to toothsome #4 and then goes and sits down with her friends.

My husband than comes back and sits with me and toothsome #3 and says with an embarrassed look on his face, "Janice, that teenage girl was an albino!" (For the record, toothsome #4 is not an albino; I've had people ask.)


Paige said...

Really? An albino? Oh, how funny!

love.boxes said...

I thought she was just a cute little blonde. She looks like a little Joan Walsh Anglund baby to me. Sooo sweet.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the good laugh!

ariane said...

That's too funny! You have the most darling, chubby little girl! She'll probably have brown hair by the time she's 25, for what it's worth.