Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My lucky day

I have had great luck today. Much better than yesterday, when I left my keys in the car with the ignition running while I shopped at Gardener Village. Actually, I was lucky because my car wasn't stolen, so maybe I am having two lucky days in a row.

1. I was able to sign my kids up for swimming and tennis lessons today. I have been calling the rec center where we belong almost every day for the last week asking when I could register my kids. Signing up for swimming lessons there is a huge deal--with spots filling up fast and long waits in line if you aren't a member. One year I did get up at 5:30 am and wait in line until 8:00 am to get my kids in. It is ridiculous. Anyway, as I now have three kids in lessons, where I want them all in lessons at the same time, I have been panicking about what was ahead of me. So, anyway, today I called and was told, "We are at the swim desk right now. If you come right now, we can sign you up. You are the first one." So, I hollered to my kids to get into the car STAT and (hooray!) we are signed up at the preferred time. I was also able to get them in the tennis lesson at the time I wanted.

2. My friend shows up with a sun tent for toothsome #4. Since I was going to buy one, that saved me $60 right there.

3. I took a survey on-line and got free shipping for taking the time to fill out the survey at my favorite sun protection web-site and was able to order toothsome #4 her body covering swim suit.

4. I went and picked up my new contacts at Shopko and since I bought over 4 boxes, I got a free pair of FILA sunglasses--a $50 value. I needed new sunglasses, so that was huge! I walked out feeling all smug in my cool new FREE sunglasses.


Paige said...

I hear you on the swim lesson thing. We can do ours online, thank goodness because I had to pour over the schedule and try to get 5, yes FIVE kids in swimming lessons, all at the same time in the same session. I did manage it, but it will be every day for two weeks at 5:00. Not my favorite time, but it will work.

love.boxes said...

Wow! That is a productive day! I know what you mean about the swimming. I have one daughter and 2 cousins that I need in lessons at the same time. It was a bit of a panic until I got things worked out. It just seems like if the lessons are in order, the summer will be in order. Right? :)

Thanks for your thoughts yesterday Janice.. I love that you are already shopping. Me too. I have about 6 gifts in the closet. I just like to keep people in mind when I'm out shopping and then get the perfect thing if I happen to see it. And, I think that I will do Sept. Thanks. :)

Lindsey said...

(Totally love Gardner Village. LOVE IT.)

Yay! I'm so glad you've had some good days. That picture is so cute of you guys.

michelle said...

I love your blog! thanks for your comments on mine. Funny how many celiacs in the world there are, it seems to finally be diagnosed more. We are hoping for that pill too!

Paige said...

So, am I to understand that you left your car running the whole time you were shopping?

Janice said...

Yes, Paige, the WHOLE time.