Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

Last night, we discovered that new neighbors are moving into the house behind us. The house has been empty for quite sometime, so it will be nice to have people in there again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be good, nice neighbors.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My kids were really sweet to me and my husband made dinner. I got to sleep-in and at church they gave us chocolate as the mother's gift.

As I look around my house, it looks like a bomb has gone off in every room and now I need to get down to serious picking up in every room. My husband also signed the papers to buy a 2nd dental practice, so that was huge for him (and since I married to him, us.)
Oh, stamps have gone up 2 cents again.

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love.boxes said...

A bomb may have gone off here as well. I was experimenting with the world peace cookies and I used every bowl, spoon etc... in the kitchen while all during the whole cooking mess my sugar induced sugar made the most royal mess in every other room. MOnday! BLahhh.