Thursday, June 19, 2008


While my mom is in town, she encourages me to take a nap, since she is here to watch the kids. The problem is that since my mom is in town, I would rather talk to her than sleep. I need the sleep and never get it so I should take a nap, but my mom is rarely in town and so I don't often get a chance to sit and talk. Always a dilemma.


Jan said...

Sorry, but this cracked me up. I wish I had that dilemma. Okay try this. A power nap. It always works for me better than a longer one.

Your mom sounds like a nice lady.

love.boxes said...

This is a difficulty. Hmmm. :)

sara said...

i'd nap while the kids are with your mom, and then stay up later than normal to talk when the kids are asleep!

my mom is coming wednesday... yeah!