Friday, June 20, 2008

Maybe there is something wrong with me but . . .

I just got home from my first day (we go back tomorrow) at Cub Country (Day Camp) and I LOVED it. Most people I have spoken to have told me horror stories--complained about how the boys acted, told me the heat was unbearable, the activities were unproductive, etc. I have been up there before and liked it but I thought by their comments that maybe in recent years it had changed. From my opinion, it is the same if not better.

Ours is up a canyon in the mountains, so it was nice, cool and covered in shade, the boys were all great, they all passed off a ton of things (which in the long run makes my job easier), the leaders (14-16 age boys) were kind and respectful and we had a great time. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes, there are things I could complain about--parking was hard, one of the activities was LAME (moon walk where they had the boys walk across two queen sized air mattresses), one of our boys refused to participate, I had to get a babysitter which I HATE doing but adding up the whole day, it was great fun. And, in about a 1/2 hour, we are going to Costa Vida with some friends of ours. So, it has been a great day--Cub Country included.


love.boxes said...

It's right up your alley because you are a person who is all about accomplishing stuff! .. a list person if you will.. It's a wonderful thing if you have a calling that fits your circumstances and personality.. (I do hate getting a sitter for church assignments too though.) I think you have a great attitude about it as well. Maybe some of your good attitude will rub off on me. Let's hope.

Jan said...

I love your attitude Janice. It is alot of work to put something like that together. I kudo them so much.

Thanks for being such a caring person.

Gabriela said...

Glad you had fun Janice. I dread the day Julio turns 8.

(BTW, I saw your parents this morning!)